Join Me in a 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge

It seems to me that perhaps I’ve slipped a little in the motivation category.  Yesterday, I completely blew off my Wednesday routine for no apparent reason other than my being lazy.

That’s not good.   Not good at all.

Perhaps I need a little extra incentive to bring me back into focus on my end goal.

So I’ve decided that this Sunday, Dec 20th, I’m going to start a 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge.   I know, I know kinda crazy starting this right before the holiday.   But I know me and my tendencies.   If I put it off, I won’t do it.  So I have to make this happen now.

health&wealthThe challenge I’m going with is the EPX Body 90-Day Challenge.  It’s pretty straight forward.  Take the pre-measurements and pre-photos.  Submit them to the company.  Do it again midway.  And then finally again at the end.   All you have to do is commit to using at least one of their products and you are off to the races.

There are many reasons why I chose this particular Challenge.  One, it will give me something to aspire to.  Second, it’s rather easy to meet the requirements since you are only in competition with yourself.  Finally, as an extra bit of incentive, the company will pay you up to $10 per lbs lost, up to 50 lbs/$500.  Payouts are on a graduated scale.


I mean if that is not motivating to lose the 50 I don’t know what is.  🙂

So like all things, I’ll post updates here about my progress, thoughts, challenges with the program.   We’ll see where it goes and hopefully I can drop some pounds and make a little extra cash in the process.

Anyone can take this challenge.   Care to join me?  You can start any time that works for you.   The more the merrier and we can help keep one another motivated an accountable.  Click  here or the image below for more info and to get started.


Join me.  Let’s do this!!!


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